Secret Police, Secret Powers, Secret Abuse


An update on the three-year battle for truth and justice by eight women, who were deceived into long-term intimate relationships by undercover cops. This article originally appeared in STRIKE! Magazine Issue 10 (Mar/April 2015). Police Spies Out of Lives was formed, at the beginning of 2012, as a support group for eight women who were deceived into long-term intimate relationships by undercover […]

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Blacklisting in Bristol: “Keep your mouth shut and keep your head down”


Bristol workers campaigning for better workplaces were ‘blacklisted’. From the 1966 Bristol Dockers’ Strike to sweeping Bristol’s streets today, the practise of marking out ‘troublesome workers’ for mistreatment must be exposed. This article originally appeared in The Bristol Cable. It is 7am on a Monday. Your mobile rings. It is the agency telling you, after only three weeks on […]

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